The Shark

“TSBT” (The Shark BUSINESS Trainings)

The Shark Business Trainings creates dynamic workshops of high effectiveness and productivity for individual learning or for an entire company.

The design of our training provides all the tools and resources to help the “human capital” obtain fast and permanent results in a thriving new environment of creativity and innovation.
These Skills, concepts and attitudes are exceptionally applied within a new business paradigm.


Our method produces dramatic, instantaneous and transformational changes.

Through a unique combination of exciting, fun and dynamic group and individual processes, educational presentations, simulation games, exercises and other interactive experiences, participants realize the impact of their attitudes and actions on their environment. These powerful changes lead to immediate action, maximizing their potential, group cooperation and synergy. Our conferences, workshops and training sessions are designed for immediate results. Motivate your people, be creative in your marketing, increase your sales, keep your customers and sell more, work as a team, identify your leaders and prepare for changes. Our techniques have been developed through the study of Western and Eastern technologies, traditional and alternative medicine, psychology, education, parapsychology, coaching and mysticism. They include didactic presentations, processing techniques, simulation games and group exercises. Each activity includes approximately 80% of experiential techniques and 20% of didactic techniques.


increases the integration and motivation of the staff, achieves a positive organizational climate and a sensitive improvement in productivity and quality. This transformational process leads you to integrate and expand in the best areas of your company’s market.

Why are we pioneers?

Because we were among the first ones to study and work with creators of the most advanced and innovative techniques in the United States.
We were trained to perform at the highest professional level using the most advanced technological tools for the mind. We are creators and authors of new theories and tools, ensuring a “before and after” experience for each individual or corporation, using resources in a creative and attractive way, to help the participants of our multiple events build their lives to the fullest, feeling successful and proactive.

Why are we different?

Because we combine multiple areas of specialization and technologies with a solid, experienced and multidisciplinary academic team.
We have combined various disciplines such as traditional and alternative medicine, psychology, public health, communication, education, parapsychology and organizational development among others. Generally, we dedicate 80% to proven presentations, process techniques, interactive exercises, simulation games, dynamic group techniques and results analysis. And the remaining 20% to theoretical study. These events produce dramatic and immediate life changes, through an exciting and fun mix and interactive group dynamics. Participants manage to identify the impact of attitudes and actions in groups, and the power and strength of the individual. These powerful changes can generate immediate actions, maximizing potential, cooperation and synergy.

Why us?

Our main founder, Dr. Rivka Bertisch Meir, was formed in the United States in the 80s along with prominent members of the "Human Potential Development" movement. The group originally started in Argentina with her and Dr. Michael Meir in 1990 operating in the USA since 1996. The collective activity of the Meirs has created a movement with excellent results, especially with the inclusion of our multiple events, our high level of service, convenience, knowledge and tools.
Our multicultural-multilingual experience, our devotion and passion to help, make us a unique alternative to provide the highest efficient assistance service to corporations and individuals, and help them reach their full potential.

The Shark Trainings “DNA”

(How TSBT evolved)

From its foundation to the present. A solid experience backed by 28 years of uninterrupted work  hroughout America and Europe.